Georgia Andreou

Research Fellow in Archaeology, University of Southampton


Kevin D. Fisher

Assistant Professor of Eastern Mediterranean Archaeology, Dept. of Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies, University of British Columbia


Catherine Kearns

Assistant Professor, Dept. of Classics, University of Chicago


Sturt W. Manning

Goldwin Smith Chair of Classical Archaeology; Director of the Malcolm and Carolyn Wiener Laboratory for Aegean and Near Eastern Dendrochronology, and Cornell Tree-Ring Laboratory, Cornell University





Thomas M. Urban

Geophysicist; Research Associate, Cornell University



Sheri Pak

Project Manager; Field Supervisor

2015 Team Members

Dr. Georgia Andreou, Postdoctoral Researcher, Cornell University (team member since 2011)

Dr. Rachel Opitz, CAST, University of Arkansas (digital recording)

Prof. Francesco Berna, Dept. of Anthropology, Simon Fraser University (geoarchaeology)

Dr. Artemis Georgiou (Ceramicist)

Sheri Pak (team member since 2012)

Kevin Lee (digital recording; UBC MA student)

Peter Wallace (geoarchaeology; McMaster MA student)

Jenna Bittenbender; Julia Gruhot (Cornell MA students); Amanda Gaggioli (Cornell undergraduate student); Katerina Sevastakis (U. Virginia MA student)

UBC Field School

UBC undergraduate students:  Scherene Auchterlonie; Megan Barbieri; Matt Boland; Sylvie Canning; Derek Lu; Katherine Luyten; Kathy Miller; Bryan Porter; Emma Ramsden; Anna Reynolds; Amy Sky.

2014 Team Members

Jeffrey F. Leon (team member since 2008)

2012 Team Members

Michael “Bodhi” Rogers, Co-director (2008-2012)

Dr. Paul Croft, Lemba Archaeological Project

Perri Gerrard-Little, PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology, Cornell University (team member since 2010)

Aris Polyvos

Katie Jarriel, PhD Candidate, Department of Classics, Cornell University    

Carrie Atkins, PhD Candidate, Department of Classics, Cornell University  

Micky Carignano, PhD Candidate, Department of Classics, Cornell University 

Jenny Carrington, PhD Candidate, Department of Classics, Cornell University

Colleen Mahoney, Ithaca College

Zach Matuszak, Ithaca College

Charlie Woodward, Ithaca College

Lente Van Brempt, University of Cyprus 

University of Arkansas Field School

Prof. Jesse Casana, Department of Anthropology, University of Arkansas

Katie Simon, CAST, University of Arkansas (Supervisor)

Graduate Students: Elise Jakoby, Department of Anthropology, University of Arkansas; Mandy Chan, Center for East Asian Studies, University of Pennsylvania

Arkansas Undergraduate Students: Chris Fletcher, Lauren Husband, Lindsay Jarvis, Ashley Kupillas, Garrett Parks, and Claire Horrell (Yale University)


2011 Team Members

Malcolm Williamson, CAST, University of Arkansas

Kevin Hurley, Ithaca College

Danny Bradac, Ithaca College

Zachary Mink, Ithaca College


2010 Team Members

Kevin Hurley, Ithaca College

Rebecca Grollman, Ithaca College


2008 Team Members

Kevin Hurley, Ithaca College

Chris Hastings, Ithaca College

Charlie Simkin, Ithaca College

Rachel Kulick, Cornell University

Eilis Monahan, Cornell University

Seth Button, PhD Candidate, University of Michigan