The KAMBE Project has benefited from the support (financial and otherwise) of a number of people and institutions.  The work would not be possible without the kind permission and ongoing support of the Department of Antiquities, Cyprus and its Director.



The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada provided generous support for Kevin Fisher while at Cornell University through its Postdoctoral Fellowship Program (2008-10) and funds fieldwork at Kalavasos (2014-16, 2019-23) through its Insight Development and Insight Grant programs.



From 2009-12, we were supported by a collaborative research grant from the National Science Foundation (Awards # BCS-0917732 & 0917734) and used geophysical equipment obtained by M. Rogers and J. Rossen (Ithaca College) through a NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant (award # DUE-0722572).


Cornell_logoWe thank the Department of Classics and the Provost’s Research Award at Cornell University for their generous and ongoing support through the purchase of equipment, support of project member travel, and provision of research funds.


UBC_logoFunding toward the 2014 and 2015 seasons was provided by the University of British Columbia’s Faculty of Arts and Go Global.  The Department of Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies has also provided funding for project infrastructure.


Ithaca_College_logoWe are also grateful to Ithaca College, which has generously supplied funding for equipment and student participation in the KAMBE Project (2008-2012).


CAST-logo_600dpiThanks to the Center for Advanced Spatial Technolgies (CAST), and King Fahd Center for Middle East Studies and the Department of Anthropology, University of Arkansas for financial and material support of our 2012 field season.



We are  greatly indebted to Alison South and Ian Todd for their ongoing logistical support, advice and access to unpublished materials from her work at Kalavasos-Ayios Dhimitrios.

We are grateful to Gerald Cadogan, excavator of Maroni-Vournes for his support of our work there.

BASOR_logo_smallOur project is affiliated with the American Schools of Oriental Research and ASOR has provided financial support for some team members through its Heritage Fellowship program.


CAARI_logo_normalWe thank Dr. Lindy Crew (current Director) and Vathoulla Moustoukki (executive assistant) of the Cyprus American Archaeological Research Institute (CAARI) for their logistical support.

Thanks to the GeoEye Foundation for their generous grant of satellite imagery for use in the project GIS.

Special thanks to the Village of Kalavasos, Mayor Lefteris Phocas and the village council, for being such gracious hosts.  Thanks also to the Bridge Taverna, George’s Taverna, the Retro, and Tenta Taverna for keeping us so well fed.